GGMC Parking has been a family owned and operating business since 1957. Semone Grossman, the founder and principal of the company, came to the U.S. as a refugee and worked at a variety of odds and ends jobs before happening upon his life’s work.

Mr. Grossman is a self made-man who gravitated to the parking garage business in 1957 when he was asked by a friend to substitute for him as manager of a gas station. He reorganized the gas station, parked cars in their lot, increased their revenue and managed to impress his manager and clientele. This led to contacts with his friend's father-in-law and then to an investment with some partners in a garage. He then bought out his partners and struck out on his own which led to the acquisition of his first parking lot followed by the purchase of many other garages.

Not satisfied with traditional garages, Mr. Grossman looked for ways to improve the aesthetics of his facilities. He was the first garage owner to actually paint the interior walls of his garages. He kept them clean, well-lit and added features such as art collages. His emphasis on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the garage interiors has evolved so dramatically that colorful walls, vibrant artwork poster collages and architectural facades have become his trademark in the industry. He named his company Gallery Garage Management Corporation (GGMC) because he actually turns his facilities into art galleries. Mr. Grossman is known as the Art-Garage Entrepreneur because his parking facilities still feature posters from American and European artists as well as landmark images that are customized to each of the garage neighborhoods.

Over the years, GGMC Parking has grown and now operates over 45 parking garages throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Mr. Grossman and his family remain committed to enhancing the value of the properties they serve while adhering to the highest industry standards.