The Loyalty Program provides exclusive membership to our monthly customers and it provides them with a 30% discount on all posted rates at over 40 parking facilities throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Fill out the enrollment form online or ask to your garage manager for an application. Your card will be mailed to you within 2-3 weeks.

The program and card are free for all GGMC monthly customers.

Only one card per monthly parking account.

You can apply to receive a card for each car that has a monthly parking account GGMC.

When you are no longer a monthly customer at a GGMC Parking facility.

You can use the card at any GGMC garage except the garage at which you are a monthly customer and the garages listed on the customer loyalty page. You can print out the full list of Loyalty Program Locations where the cards is valid.

No, the payment must be made by a credit card with the same last name as the member.

Email [email protected] with subject "Lost Loyalty Card" and include your full name, the garage at which you park monthly and your monthly number and we will send you a replacement card. A $25 replacement fee will be directly applied to your monthly invoice.

No, in order to receive the discount you must have the card with you at checkout.